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Treasure drear raining

I so fear my rat 

A small, hairy wallet bites 

It is Hairy and Angry. 

It has two Sharp fangs

An aggressive attitude 

When it eats

I feel frightened 

At the perfect rat.

Ah, the Imperial Motel. The height of economical luxury. If you don't mind the inconvenience of possibly stumbling into different dimensions.

 And the rats. 

Our hero just wants to find his wallet and catch a bus out of this place. Help the hapless youth as he wanders across realities, making. . . "friends". . . along the way. 


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Wow! It was a great experience, love the art!


I love everytime I find an indie game that looks like its gonna be a trip, and then is so much better than I was even imagining. Great work :D


I absolutely loved this so much. I'm not 100% sure if the Courage The Cowardly Dog reference was on purpose, but I LOVED it! Phenomenal job on this game, I hope to see more from you!


i had fun playing,the end had a good twist i liked it a lot! keep up the good work! (Spanish Play-Through)


I Rat this game 9 rats out of 10. Needs more rats.


Had a good time



such a fun, short and sweet game! loved the art work and appreciated the easy gameplay. can't wait to see more


What an amazing game, I especially love the art style.


that was a awesome game



Cute game :)


Very fun game, it was different. The song at the end was the best! Made you a video: 


Cool art style and satisfying story, just wish it were a little longer!


Thanks! We made it in just one week so things got cut, we are highly considering making a full game of it though.

I certainly support!


Brilliant Game! Very Creative!



Imperial Motel Gameplay


This is the best game ever I never watched anyone play this and i knew what was gonna happen at the end! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Something a little different, would be interested in some other games like this.


Really great game. A lot of "WHAT!?" moments.


Loved it. The whole idea of the game was amazing.

I do wish it was a little longer though and maybe had some more puzzles and interactions but it was awesome either way. Great job!

Great to hear, thank you! 

The original idea was that you had to enter all the safe combos yourself, and do a little more sleuthing. That's why all the number codes were shown, and the painting was supposed to be a code. But for the jam time constraint, we decided to cut that so we didn't have to cut the story.


Super fun game with some crazy characters and a unique art style. 


The space bar lets me start the game but after that I can't interact with anything, I can only walk around. I am playing on a mac.

Sorry about that, I've found the problem and I'm releasing a fix tonigh

Mac version should be fixed now, thanks for pointing that out



can't interact!! ):

Mac and linux versions should be fixed, sorry about that!


Thank you!! this game was really fun and enjoyable, just love it!

Really enjoyed this one I like the fact that it is a paradox.  Amazing graphics, love 2d games the characters were a little weird but funny.

(1 edit) (+1)

weird and cool, could use more exploration/ different environments

I can't interact with anything

Should be fixed now, sorry about that

WELL I THINK I BROKE IT OR I'M STUPID- I can't interact with anything

You might have broke it, I had that bug one time where I couldn't interact with anything, but then I couldn't recreate it. I'm sorry about that I'll try to figure it out

So many drugs. So many rats. And even more drugs. https://youtu.be/95w697mEsFc

Haha thanks for playing! Great video! :)

The gameplay and the graphics of this 2d game are incredible. I love the overall experience of this game. Thanks for your Hard work Dev Rated 5/5 :)